Class Etiquette & Attire

Parent viewing: Parents may stay in the room with 2 year-olds. Semi-parented means that you may join your child in the dancing as necessary. Some children will actually engage easier without their parent in the room. Some may not. Let’s use our judgement together to see what your child’s needs are. Parents of 3 year olds may stay in the room so long as it does not prove to be distracting for your child. Of course your little one will be excited and will LOVE to share everything they do with you – despite the fact that you are sitting right there. If you find your child runs to you multiple times in a class, consider stepping outside to see if they are happy on their own.

Parents who are watching must be VERY quiet. Keeping children calm and engaged requires their focus is entirely on their activity and their teacher. We understand you may like to have the chance to chat with your fellow mums and dads. If conversation is particularly exciting, please wait outside.

Attire & Hair:

Budding ballerinas and growing young boys are free to wear what they like. However, we do require young dancers to be in dance clothes. Preferably a body suit, or dance dress for the young ladies and ballet tights when its not too hot. Comfortable shorts/pants and a tshirt for the young men.

We do prefer all children to wear proper ballet shoes. Ballet shoes may be purchased at Bloch,  or any other dance store.  Ballet pink for girls, and black or white for boys. Please buy dance shoes at a dance store like Bloch or one mentioned below. The quality is far superior than some other options.

Here are a few options for purchasing dance attire:

Anything Dance – Croydon.

They are a highly experienced, full service store and will have plenty of options for your classes.

Ballet Stuff – Lane Cove – if you need all the bits an pieces, I suggest this option.

Do not buy shoes that are way too big. Anything more than a size too big proves to be a bit of a hazard, and not particularly comfortable. Children will end up taking them off.

Hair should be off the face and tied back. We aren’t looking for perfect slicked back buns, but a pony tail for long hair or a clip to keep long fringe off the face will make for a much more comfortable experience for your tiny twirling petite.