2022 Term 1 Class Descriptions & Fees


TERM 1 – 2021 8 Week Session Fees:

All 30 minute classes $165 for 9 weeks

All 45 minute classes $185 for 9 weeks

All 60 minute classes $195 for 9 weeks

Tiny Twirls (2 years – 30 minutes) – a class full of wiggling, giggling, bouncing fun to keep your tiny pointer engaged. Class will have foundations of ballet and elements of creative movement and jazz. Music will cover the spectrum from classical, to current day music and will always be age appropriate. Parented only as required.

Twirling Pointes (3-5 years – 45 minutes) – just as much fun as above but with extra time for the ‘older’ student. Class will have foundations of ballet plus elements of creative movement, jazz, lyrical and rhythm. Music will also run the gamut of styles – usually beginning with a 10 to 15 minute warm up focusing on the starting pointes of technique.

Junior Pointes & Intermediate Stars (4.5 – 8 years – 60 minutes) – For the experienced student – A gracefully twirling and athletically jumping combination class of ballet and Jazz. Drawing on ballet foundations from Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus, students will learn the beginnings of ballet technique through both proper exercises and imaginative sequences. Jazz technique is well incorporated into the class, with age appropriate music, skills and choreography. A full hour of fun!

Age Groups: 2 and 3 year-olds MUST be their respective ages by the start of term. 4 year olds who are younger should join the 3/4 year old class and those who will be joining kindy next year should join the 4/5 year old class.

  • No refunds will be given for any reason once the current term has begun. No refunds for a future term will be granted within 14 days of the term start date. Current term refers to the first day of term, whether or not that first day is your class day. Term is considered to have begun on the first Monday of term, whether or not your class is on a Monday.
  • Pointe Petite reserves the right to cancel a class due to low registration. In this case a refund will be given for the remainder of classes.